About us

FelicityMall.com is an American-based website that provides a unique shopping experience reminiscent of traditional malls. The platform is designed to offer a 100% American-based shopping environment, ensuring that all stores featured on the website are American-based, licensed, and compliant with American consumer laws. While the products may not be exclusively American-made, the focus is on delivering a secure shopping experience. FelicityMall.com prioritizes security and reasonable shipping for its customers, aiming to recreate the nostalgic feeling of the American mall in an online setting.

What we do

FelicityMall.com prioritizes the security and satisfaction of its customers. Here's how:

Vetted Stores: Every store on FelicityMall.com is carefully vetted for customer service, resolutions, and security, ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Regulatory Compliance: Sellers are accountable to the US Federal Trade Commission, guaranteeing adherence to consumer protection laws and regulations.

Quality Assurance: Products, including imports, are inspected to maintain high quality and prevent issues, minimizing the chances of returns and complaints.

Timely Delivery: Fast shipping ensures that customers receive their purchases in a reasonable time frame, even for international orders.

Private Facilities: The mall provides clean and private facilities, such as bathrooms and dressing rooms, akin to home comforts, enhancing the shopping experience.

Random Kiosk: Explore the ever-changing random kiosk featuring small licensed American businesses, offering diverse and unique products on a national scale.