Support My Personal Project

First and second floor in the lobby can be rented. The units will be first come first serve. So loyalty is rewarded.

You must meet qualifications by being an American based company with a desire for exceptional customer service and employee satisfaction.

You can not offer 3rd party selling accounts on your site.

As 1st floor fills up the personal accounts there will be moved to the 4th floor

Personal accounts are marked by the floor matching tag. 

Your space will carry your logo, 

I use stripe as a payment source, I do not share information with any other party. 

Price for a first floor listing is 1 to 5 years lease only.

$300.00 USD a paid monthly as a subscription or a one time payment of $3000.00 paid per lease years exp. 5 year lease is a one time payment of $15,000.00 USD

No deposit or set up fee is required.

Price for the second floor is 1 to 5 year lease only 

$250.00 USD paid monthly as a subscription or a one time payment of $2,700.00 USD per lease years exp. 5 year lease is a one time payment of $13,500 USD 

You may negotiate your lease anytime in the last year of your lease for the coming years. 

Payment is required the day your logo is posted with a 10 business day grace period. Payment can be made beforehand but your lease does not start till your logo is posted and your link is validated as working. 

Once your link is validated and working no refunds will be issued. Your payments will go to support upgrades and promotions to the art project known as and the artist. stands for honesty in the face of adversity. When a company tried to steal the url rather than buy it as it was offered for sale, I went through all kinds of online hardship with multiple fake reports that I was a hacker that stole their url when all of it was easily verified multiple social sites and online companies just took the word of the accusers without validating anything and punished me accordingly. 

Still again when I spent more than a year getting all the issues cleared up and offered to sell them the url they refused. 

So I built an online nostalgic mall right out of the past, complete with the confusion that made all of us go wow, cool. 

I was born in 1962 and you will find a mixture of all those yesterdays in this project.


Apply for a lease

Before we can lease your comapny a space we must validte your companry is with in our theme. In the message section below include all company information for available units. 

Attach any files first before filling out the form to avoid information loss.

Max file size (Mb): 9999